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Testimonial written

Sean guided me through my 6 week workout program which i would recommend to anyone wanting a kick start or needing some extra motivation. The program was tailored to my goals of trying to maintain my weight by losing the fat and building muscle at the same time. The workouts were well structured and if i was unsure of anything CEO Sean Jones was there to lend a hand. As a result of my quality experience i will be getting a 12 week program in the near future.
Nathan Lambert
Age: 20
Height: 183cm
Starting Weight: 88
Finish Weight: 86
Total weight lost: 2
Above All provided me with some great knowledge and information! To help with my training goals and diet plan. I was provided with a diet plan that was easy to prepare and the food was enjoyable. This helped to meet my diet goals. My training plan was easy to follow and helped me to improve my strength and set new PB's in the gym. I feel stronger and have greater energy in and outside of the gym. Sean's (head coach) support and knowledge provided in my PT sessions and outside of the gym was second to none Which helped me to stay on track with obtaining my goals.
Age: 28
Height: 193
Starting Weight: 97
Finish Weight: 100
Total weight lost:
Sean from Above All was always available to answer my questions, no matter how stupid I thought they might be. Although I didn't have any PT's, with his guidance I lost so much fat and learn't a lot about myself. I can do what I set out to, and can be a fitter version of myself.
Clayton Aescht
Age: 31
Height: 183
Starting Weight: 91.5
Finish Weight: 78.5
Total weight lost: 13
I did the 12 week program with Above All. I started off with a few injuries and hiccups along the way but With a new training program and diet plan I was able to loose nine kilos!
Age: 36
Height: 183cm
Starting Weight: 96kg
Finish Weight: 87kg
Total weight lost: 6 kilos
Sean from Above All, has changed the way I look at food for good! I've been training since I was 18 and have never looked or felt as good as I do now. Sean was there to answer every question no matter how silly the question was and even when I hit a flat spot mentally with my weight loss he was able to support me and perk me back up to keep going. Thanks a million Above All!
Age: 32
Height: 178
Starting Weight: 93
Finish Weight: 80
Total weight lost: 13
Above All helped me learn all about calories and macro tracking, something I never really knew about, even though I've been in the gym for 12 years. During the 12 weeks I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about nutrition that has actually given me a new appreciation and passion for gym and fitness!
Age: 26
Height: 178
Starting Weight: 75
Finish Weight: 70
Total weight lost: 5
Above All was great all the way through. keeping me on track with weekly forms and bi-weekly check-ins. They also showed me what my body can do through the personal training sessions. Really happy with this program and my progress.
Simon Sokolich
Age: 25
Height: 185
Starting Weight: 138
Finish Weight: 125
Total weight lost: 13
I thought it was going to be hard to lose the weight at first. But with Above All's guidance & support, i kept going and am very happy with my results. It just goes to show if you have a goal, with the right support team around you, anything is possible!
Age: 30
Height: 1.70
Starting Weight: 63.5
Finish Weight: 59.5
Total weight lost: 4
I didn't think it was possible to lose the weight I put on during my pregnancy but with Above All's help and encouragement I did. I feel soo much better and will continue with everything I have learnt.
Age: 36
Height: 165
Starting Weight: 63
Finish Weight: 57
Total weight lost: 6kg
With Above All's head coaches help I managed to do something that I've been trying to achieve for years, lose unwanted fat and gain strength. They were always willing to answer my questions any time of the day and motivate me to not give up. They also taught me a lot about nutritional food, which I will be able to use now going forward, to keep on track and keep improving. Thanks Above All for giving me the kick start I needed.
Age: 27
Height: 186
Starting Weight: 88.5
Finish Weight: 81.5
Total weight lost: 7kg
Head Coach Sean from Above all provided me with the tools and knowledge to achieve my goals in weight loss. It was great how he was always working with me to help keep me on track. I recommend Sean and Above all to anyone looking to make some changes, Sean knows what he's talking about and is willing to take the time to help you achieve your goals! Thanks, Sean and Above all
Luke jones
Age: 30
Height: 187
Starting Weight: 95
Finish Weight: 83
Total weight lost: 12kg
With Sean's help, he wrote up meal and training plans to suit my body and needs. I feel so much healthier, happier and more toned all over! I've always been fairly active but Sean's plan helped push me in the right direction to get the results I wanted. I still stick to it and feel better than ever before!
Sarah Jane
Age: 29
Height: 175cm
Starting Weight: 67kg
Finish Weight: 59kg
Total weight lost: 8kg
I chose to do a twelve-week transformation with above all, Sean (head coach) created a meal plan, workout plan and an overall plan for the twelve weeks. Throughout my twelve weeks, Sean was always willing to help me with wat ever questions I had, from changing some food during the week or just some tips on how to correctly use the gym equipment. From the start, I knew that if I followed Sean plan then I would lose weight and just become a healthier person. His knowledge of which foods to eat and how much was awesome because it really teaches you how much food you are supposed to consume. He understands which muscle groups to work with what machines in the gym to receive the best results for you personally. It has really changed the way that I live now and I will continue wat I have learnt from Sean for the rest of my life. It was a change that I needed to do and he supported me through every step. Thanks mate
Tristan lucas
Age: 30
Height: 182 cm
Starting Weight: 93
Finish Weight: 81
Total weight lost: 12 kilos
Through Sean's(head coach) extensive knowledge on nutrition and exercise, I was able to achieve what seemed like the impossible, burn off unwanted fat. His dedication and genuine care for me to achieve my goals made the journey easy. If you're looking for someone to be the boot in your backside when you need it, look no further.
Age: 24
Height: 183
Starting Weight: 94.5
Finish Weight: 85.5
Total weight lost: 9kg
I didn't think it would be possible to lose the weight I did, but with Sean's help it was so easy. Although sometimes there were some setbacks, he was ther every step of the way to guide me through, make adjustments and keep me on track!
Age: 24
Height: 170 cm
Starting Weight: 66
Finish Weight: 61.1
Total weight lost: 4.9